I’m Squire Babcock and these are some of my wood turnings. I work mostly with green western-Kentucky and central-Tennessee hardwoods, but sometimes I buy blanks from around the country and world. I love discovering and highlighting the grain patterns, colors and irregularities of different woods. My shapes are mostly traditional and practical, but I try to be open to where a raw piece of wood will take me.

Below are some samples of my work; click on an image to see a larger picture and more details. You can also find more examples in the Archives. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, please
email me here or call (270-339-0778) and tell me what you want. I will quote you a price, custom-make your piece promptly, and send you a picture to make sure it's what you want.

Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Beaded Cherry Bowl

Cherry Candlesticks

Spalted Crimson King Maple Bowl

Walnut Bowl

Figured Maple Bowl
Cherry/Ebony Center

Cherry Bowl

Ambrosia Maple Nested Bowls

Siberian Elm Natural Edge Bowl

Siberian Elm Platter

Spalted Maple 1-pc
Cup & Saucer

Walnut Bowl

Carved & Stained Maple Bowl

Maple Platter, Stained Center

Marbled Maple Bowl

Irregular Platter-Bowl, Sycamore Root.

Maple Bowl

Yarn Bowl
Square Maple Platter, Milk Paint & Stain
Natural Edge Cherry Vessel

Figured Maple Platter
Black Walnut Platter
Heavy Black Walnut Platter

Ambrosia Maple Lidded
Vessel With Ebony Finial

Spalted Figured Maple Platter

Figured Maple Bowl With Jute Inlay

Spalted Ambrosia Maple
Lidded Vessel


Black Walnut Bowl

Figured Maple Platter With
Anondine Stain

Cherry Bowl

Figured Maple Lidded Box
With Purpleheart Finial

Magnolia Bowl

Figured Maple Lidded Box
With Ebony Finial

Maple Bowl With
Ambrosia Maple Pedestal

Figured Maple Bowl

Magnolia Lidded Box
With Purpleheart Finial
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